Courses listed under the Quality Managment category provide learning in the general areas of quality management and are not specific to any one industry.

Introduction to Root Cause and Corrective Action

Regardless if you have experience in root cause and corrective action or not, this workshop provides an excellent framework for an improvement foundation, as well as, gets the entire organization on the same page. The workshop provides an overview to the value of root cause and corrective action; basic root cause tool application; corrective action processes; and the value of preventative action. Participants will also be introduced to the root cause investigation tool 5 Why’s. (Click here to view the course syllabus)

The workshop is approximately 5 hours long and is rich in audio and visual animation. At the end of each module, participants will be given quizzes. Once completed, a completion certificate will be mailed. The instructor for this course is Michael Dreikorn.

  • Self-paced

  • Low-cost ($85 USD)

  • Approximately 5 hours of instruction

  • Quizes ensure retention

  • Subject matter expert developed and delivered

  • Certificate upon completion